More Than Snowy Tundra: Meet Ketchikan, Alaska

The view from our back porch, without a trace of icy precipitation in sight!

Welcome to Ketchikan, Alaska!

Quick Facts

  • Population: about 8,300.
  • Wildlife: tourists, black bears, salmon, bald eagles, and whales
  • Climate: moderate (they get snow, but it’s not like Iditarod-cold)
  • Known for: salmon, a port for cruise ships, and the Tongass National Forest

Apparently, they are the salmon capital of the world (I did not even know that was a thing)…

Seriously though, if you don’t plan on moving there, don’t try their salmon. You will forever be ruined and salmon from anywhere else will never be able to measure up (I’ve looked). But you should try their chocolate-covered oreos. They. Are. Amazing.


A Rainforest Sanctuary, Totems, and Eagles

And, if you want to see fish, or these guys:

Then, you might want to take a guided hike with Kawanti Adventures through the Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary in the Tongass National Forest, in the old Herring Bay Lumber Company sawmill, and to the Alaska Raptor Center. Each is unique and an adventure all on its own, and yet they’re in the same tour.

Amphibious Tours

If hiking isn’t really your thing, check out the Ketchikan Duck Tours, an amphibious tour on both the Tongass Narrows and downtown Ketchikan.

You’ll get some breathtaking views of the mountainous coasts and the local fishing boats.

Whether you prefer hiking, water activities, wildlife, culture, or food, this gorgeous city has something for everyone.

And, you’re guaranteed to find an activity as unique as yourself.

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